Certified Product Destruction

Certified Product Destruction driven by customer service. Customer products are verified and documented to guarantee destruction confirmation evidence.

– Defective, Faulty or Past Service Life Goods
– Branded/Licensed service fleets such as dry van trailer, courier van, school bus, tires, etc.
– Obsolete industrial equipment


Heavy Duty Shredding

We offer state of the art heavy duty shredding and mechanical destruction solutions for product destruction and recycling services. Whether metal, wood, or electronic our shredding process can destroy and reduce your products into their constituent raw material pieces. We provide our customers with market value recovery on recycled materials.

Ministry of Environment compliant with a focus on waste diversion and advanced recycling concepts. Click to Contact us and arrange Heavty Duty Shredding

Providing environmentally safe metal recycling

We strive to exceed environmental requirements and safety on all our projects.  We bring unique and modern solutions to assist our clients with on-site metal and construction recycling and disposal.

Our direct end-to-end processing tracking and destruction certification guarantees your product will not resurface causing any future liability. We perform all services directly with no 3rd party assignment or re-distribution ensuring complete product control.

Offering Specialized Heavy Duty Shredding or Mechanical Destruction. Heavy Duty Shredding is offered mobile or off-site using our 710HP low speed high torque equipment. Mechanical Destruction, a lower cost service, is offered mobile or off-site using an excavator and construction equipment.

Upon request we can provide photo and video evidence of the material being unloaded and destroyed. We can also schedule a witness of the destruction depending on the site specifics. Click to Contact us and arrange your Certified Product Destruction

How can we help…

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